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concrete resurfacing
  • Do you have an ugly oil stained driveway?
  • Is your paving loose or uneven?
  • Do you want to update the look of your paving or concrete?
  • Is your concrete or asphalt cracked?
  • Do you want to improve the street appeal of your home?
  • Does the high cost of removing and replacing your paving or concrete stop you from doing something about it?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, resurfacing could be the answer for you.

Removing and replacing your concrete, asphalt or pavers is expensive, messy and time consuming. Sustainable Makeovers can give your outdoor paved areas a designer look at a fraction of the cost and with less environmental impact, by simply resurfacing with Rock Pave.

Rock Pave is a smart range of resin bound floor and pavement systems (Super Stone , Crystal Pave, Flow Stone and Stone Carpet). It is made up from a comprehensive range of decorative stones and recycled tumbled glass in a variety of sizes and colours that are bound together with a uniquely formulated polyurethane resin. It is permeable, UV stable and will require minimal maintenance for many years.

Rock Pave is the ultimate, affordable solution for resurfacing your driveway, pool surround, or patio in a designer look. It can even be used inside your home, over concrete, tiles and timber flooring. Rock Pave is substantially more flexible than concrete providing outstanding resistance to cracking. All aggregate is encapsulated in resin so there is no loose gravel. It also has exceptional load bearing strength making it suitable for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

We create paving to suit your needs and combine form and function to offer you a high quality product that provides you with endless design possibilities. 
Recycled glass resin bound paving was used by a gold medal winning display at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show. Proving that being ecologically aware doesn't have to entail sacrifice or high expense. There's no better way to save the environment, improve the look of your home and save some serious money than having your driveway, pool surround, or patio resurfaced with Rock Pave by Sustainable Makeovers.

Eco-friendly solution

Resurfacing your existing paving with Rockpave is a more eco friendly approach to paving as you're reducing the amount of raw material used and the amount of material wasted.

Natural stone is sourced from both local and international environmentally sustainable resources.

Recycled tumbled glass is used in Crystal Pave.

In recent years Water Sensitive Urban Design, or WSUD, has become a key factor in the development and redevelopment of metropolitan areas. WSUD represents an ongoing effort to effectively manage rainwater, ensuring minimal waste, whilst returning rainfall to the waterways with reduced levels of pollution. There are various aspects to WSUD, but with paved areas contributing to the majority of impervious surfaces in urban areas, permeable paving is quickly becoming an essential product.

One of the problems with impervious paving is that rainwater will run straight off the surface, gathering pollutants, before returning to the waterways. Porous paving offers a solution to this problem, allowing water to quickly pervade the surface and return directly into the ground before it has a chance to pick up too many impurities. Porous paving will also assist with puddling and even flooding, absorbing the rain water so that it doesn't pool upon the surface.

Rock Pave is a fully permeable paving solution which allows water to freely drain through the surface. Meeting the requirements of Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) standards.

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