• Does your bathroom have old out dated tiles?
  • Is your bath tub scratched or chipped?
  • Do you find it impossible to get your shower base clean?
  • Is you vanity looking tired and out dated?
  • Are you sick of cleaning mouldy grout lines?
  • Does the high cost of renovating your bathroom stop you from doing something about it?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, resurfacing could be the answer for you.

Traditional bathroom renovations are not only expensive, messy and time consuming, they can be a massive inconvenience to your day to day life. With traditional bathroom renovations you can be without a bathroom for two to three weeks. Sustainable Makeovers now offer a way of completely renovating your bathroom in only a couple of days and at 1/3 of the cost with less impact on the environment, by simply resurfacing.

At Sustainable Makeovers we use Napco's, Aliphatic Polyurethane, it provides amazing resilience to cracking during expansion and contraction caused by temperature fluctuations. Unlike Epoxy topcoats, Napco's resin will not crack or yellow over time. Napco's resin provides a surface that is harder than Acrylic or Enamel, yet flexible enough to withstand the impact of dropped objects. This resilience is essential to its durability and long wear. It also provides terrific stain resistance and colour retention, as compared to other resurfacing coatings.

We can repair cracks ,chips, re grout and resurface your bathroom wall tiles in a high gloss colour of your choice.
Whether you have a timber or laminex vanity unit, we can repair chips, burns, stains, cracks and resurface your vanity doors, drawers and fixed panels in a high gloss or satin finish colour of your choice.
Damage to your vanity bench top can be repaired and then resurfaced with a wide range of faux granite colours.
We can repair and resurface (also known as refinishing, re-glazing or re-enamelling) all types of bath tubs, acrylic, fibreglass, cast iron and pressed metal in a high gloss colour of your choice.
Scratched, chipped and dirty shower bases can be cleaned, repaired and resurfaced in a high gloss colour of your choice.
Old outdated floor tiles can be resurfaced with our large range of stone carpet.
We also have a wide range of shower screens that we can supply and fit.

Eco-friendly solution

The environmental impact is minimal when renovating your Bathroom with Sustainable Makeovers.
We use a range of high quality coatings made by Napco, that are low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) compliant with the new USA EPA Clean Air Regulations, giving us the biggest green tick of approval to date for a Resurfacing product.
Reduce landfill down to one or two garbage bags compared with traditional renovations that can use up to two garbage skips of waste.
Once your bathroom tiles have been resurfaced the grout lines will still be visible but completely sealed making them more resistant to mould. Therefore your tiled surfaces will only require a simple ph neutral detergent, with no need for bleaches or harsh abrasive chemicals to scrub mould and grime from otherwise porous grout lines. This means your grey water is cleaner and less toxic.

Being ecologically aware doesn't have to entail sacrifice or high expense. There's no better way to save the environment and save some serious money (around 1/3 of the cost of traditional renovations) than a more eco-friendly Bathroom renovation by Sustainable Makeovers.